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Sewing by Amber

Memory/ Shirt Quilt

Memory/ Shirt Quilt

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The perfect way to capture memories! These quilts are carefully assembled with attention to detail. 

Choose from these sizes (custom available upon request):

  • THROW T-SHIRT (16 panels, approximately 48" x 48") 
  • THROW BABY (30-50 panels, approximately 40" x 60") 
  • XL THROW T-SHIRT (24 panels, approximately 48" x 72") 
  • TWIN T-SHIRT (36 panels, approximately 60" x 84") 
  • TWIN BABY (120-150 panels, approximately 63" x 87") 

Panel size:

Number of panels is an ESTIMATE and is based off the clothes provided. T-shirt quilts typically have a panel size of 12" x 12" whereas children's and baby clothes are typically 6" x 6". Panels will be smaller for baby or children's clothes. End size is dependent on the clothes design.

If your unsure your t-shirts will fit this panel size then just ask us! We'll work with you every step of the way to ensure the layout and cuts of your panels work together beautifully!


These quilts do not come with a border unless requested! We do suggest them as they give the piece a finished look. We'll include a small 1/2" border for free upon request. Any larger border is subject to an upcharge.


How it works:

Round up your clothes, give them a wash and then purchase the desired size quilt. We'll send you the address to ship or drop off to within 1-2 business days. Your piece will take approximately 6-10 weeks to finish upon receiving the clothing. Return shipping is added at the time you purchase.

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