What's the difference between Design-Your-Own and Custom?

Design-Your-Own bags and purses give you the opportunity to select one of our designs and make it your own! We give you choices on prints, accent materials, zippers, and hardware. You can even add in extra compartments and themed zipper pulls to many of our designs.

When you request a Custom piece this means we are making the bag from the pattern up- yep, were developing a NEW bag style just for you! Many customers like this option as we can make it the perfect size or include extra elements that are not standard to a purse such as a batter pack compartment. This process does take longer but it's just as fun!

What's the turn-around time for a Design-Your-Own order?

A few factors go into our turn around times: material availability, choice selection, and queue in line.

The individual product descriptions will give you general time estimates for each Design Your Own style.

We also do our best to communicate any unforeseen change to the time after you order.

Most of our bags take between 6-10 weeks but some can take up to 12 weeks if we are waiting for an artist print to arrive.

What's the turn-around time for a Fully Custom Order?

Single Purse or Bag Creation

If you're looking for us to design a one-time bag for personal use, custom orders generally take about 8-12 weeks to complete. The first half of the time is spent developing your pattern which includes making some rough samples to ensure the final design is perfect!

Custom Pattern and Manufacturing Sample Creation

Making a custom pattern and manufacturing sample typically takes around 6 months. To learn more, reach out to use using the form below and we'll set up a FREE consultation!

Do you do alterations?

Bag and Purse Alterations

We will take in bag/purse repairs and alterations as our show schedule allows so feel free to ask!

Clothing Alteration

We are not accepting clothing alterations at this time due to our time restraints. Feel free to check in with us in the future!

  • Design with Us

    When you order a custom bag, whether it's a Design Your Own or Completely Customer design, we make you a part of the designing process! From print selection down to zipper matching, Amber and Cyndel will send you clear images with options to choose from.

  • Be a Part of the Process

    We pride ourselves in our communication with customers! This rings especially true for custom orders who receive periodic pictures of their bag in various stages of production.

  • Enjoy for years to come

    Our bags have been proven to hold up under normal (and sometimes excessive) wear and tear. Each bag is quality checked by the owner and seamstresses before we ship it to you. As a small business, we are always here to help if you bag ever needs repair.

Contact Us here with any questions:

Custom Pattern and Manufacturing Sample Creation

Do you have a great bag idea but lack the skill to create a pattern and sample for testing?

We're here to help! This service provides you with a finished, hand drawn paper pattern of your bag and physical samples all while respecting your privacy and creative property.

Whether you're just looking to perfect a design for manufacturing or are want a great visual for your crowd-funding, we'll put our seamstress power to work for you!

Schedule a FREE consultation with our skilled seamstresses more more information.