About Amber & Jean

Amber and Jean started off in 2017 as Sewing by Amber Benoit. We started off teaching sewing lessons and doing custom alteration. But after the pandemic in 2020, Amber brought on her best friend and sewing buddy, Cyndel Jeanette, to help the business spread it's wings to include ready to ship purses and bags.

A new dynamic duo was born and became official in 2023 as Amber and Jean!

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Quality Handmade

Quality Materials

At Amber and Jean, we are a bit obsessive about do our homework. While this means we rocked our math tests in school it ALSO means we've done a ton of research and testing on the materials we use.

Our faux leathers are backed with a supportive weave that helps maintain seam integrity and coated with a stain resistant layer that allows you to spot clean the material.

Many of our bags are lined with a waterproof canvas making them easy to clean and water-resistant. Please note, we do not water seal our seams unless requested in a Design Your Own or Custom item.

Want to learn more about our printed fabrics? Check it out below!

Functional Design

When Amber and Cyndel started their small business, there was one thing above all others they agreed on- OUR BAGS NEED TO BE FUNCTIONAL.

Because of this mantra, we've added many features you'll love such as: pockets with hidden insulation for medication, straps to hold your water bottle upright in your purse, or pockets-LOTS of pockets.

Don't see a feature you need or want? Ask us about incorporating it into a Design Your Own or Fully Custom Bag!

Fabric Prints from Fan-Artists you'll love!

Have you ever seen an artist's work at a fair or Comic Con and thought "I LOVE that... buuuut I don't need another thing for my wall."

When designing Amber and Jean bags, we connect with small business artists and fabric suppliers who work in tandem with these artists for our prints.

What does this mean for you?

  • High Quality Fabric (artists tend to be a lot pickier than retailers on what their art goes on)
  • Unique Designs (many of our prints only get made into a handful of bags before they are no more!)
  • Fan-Art you can wear (show us some geeky style!)

And just so we're clear, we make every effort to vet and source hand-drawn print files and fabrics so as not to infringe on any Fandom Copyrights. After all, we love those who created our favorite fandoms too!

The Amber and Jean Origin Story

We're your super hero seamstresses, Amber & Cyndel, and it's our mission to bring you quality, functional, fun bags and purses.

But it wasn't always so. Every great dynamic duo has their origin story and ours starts in 2017, when Amber began offering seamstress services and sewing lessons to the Rochester area. Amber quickly became known as a seamstress who could make the impossible, possible. From making wedding dress disasters into the perfect fit, to recreating childhood stuffed friends using only an old photo- Amber tackled each challenge with an artists heart and an engineer's brain.

As several years went by, she found an passion emerge for creating purses and bags. Alas, her creative surge was cut short by the covid pandemic.

As many businesses had to do, Amber adjusted and altered her business model to survive. And just before hope was lost a new hero (aka her bff, Cyndel) came to the rescue.

With the addition of Cyndel Jeanette to the team in 2020, this superhero duo began charging ahead with a mission to create fun, yet functional bags. "As moms, we know the value in a purse that gets the job done but we could never find those bags in prints that really represented us and our interests."

Luckily, Cyndel is a wiz at finding the unfindable and so Amber and Jean was born, with connections to over 200 artists, each who specifically makes their art for fabric/faux leather printing- from fan-art of your favorite characters, to beautiful neutral prints.


-Amber Benoit & Cyndel Hoover